Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sail from Bimini Sands to Gun Cay and North Cat Cay

Jim - ever the astute captain1
As promised, here are our pictures from the sail to Gun Cay and North Cat Cay!  A wonderful day with the warm tropical breeze, the water under the hulls.....almost heaven!  And then a wonderful dinner of conch salad, steak and wine when we got back to the dock!

You can see the bottom - the water
is about 8' here!
Gun Cay - check out that
beach!  Wish there had been good
holding ground - I would love to
have gone ashore here!

View from the starboard hull

Captain Jim in his element

The first mate checking things out

And after a leisurely sail back to Bimini Sands, it was time for a relaxing evening repast - steak, bimini bread, fresh made conch salad and white wine.....all while listening to the wind whisper in the rigging from the breeze!

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